Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Abandoned World War 2 Observation Post

In my last post I had mentioned another interesting feature of the Sugarloaf Path on the East Coast Trail. The feature was an old World War 2 observation post, which you may have already guessed is in the above photo. It is rounded on the front to allow close to a 180 degree view. 

 As you can see it is deteriorating. Inside there are old fire pits and broken beer bottles; most likely from past hikers or kids just having fun. I can't say I am a big fan of the graffiti. Though I do find some graffiti beautiful, just not on a historical site.


In the next photo you can see an old ladder used to enter the post. Most of the ladder is gone now. 

 This post is about halfway into the trail which is almost 11 kilometres. I wonder how the soldiers managed to get their gear here considering the rough terrain you have to navigate. They had to be hardy. 

This is the path leading to the observation post. Straight and to the left of the bush you will find the post. In the below photo you will see the view of what the soldiers would observe. Considering the remoteness of the area they must have spent days or possibly weeks out here. 

This post is north of St. John's harbour. This would allow a fair warning of any approaching vessels. Knowing what it took to get to this point makes one appreciate what a soldiers life was like at this post. It must have been a tough experience.

Though the hike here was not easy at times, stumbling on this post made it worthwhile. I hope you enjoyed the photos and experience as much as I did.