Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Interesting Rock Formations on the East Coast Trail (Sugarloaf Path)

 A picture is a thousand words according to an old saying. I agree with that to a certain extent. Pictures are wonderful to relive past moments, but actually experiencing these moments cannot be replaced by pictures. I took many pictures the day I walked the sugarloaf path. You can see more of them on my post of the old trees, WW2 Oberservation post and Quidi Vidi Village. The pictures themselves are not quite the same as walking the trail. 

 I try to capture certain features of a trail to show others how interesting the trail can be.  Below is a collection of photos I took of interesting rock formations along the sugarloaf path on the east coast trail. 

 I always love to see these along the trail. Obviously this is man made. When I see this I find it comforting to see that others are enjoying the trail.

 Here is a rock along the path that looked almost man made. There weren't any other rocks nearby and trees all around. Which made this rock stand out. In person, the rock seemed more level and smooth. Which goes back to my point that sometimes pictures are just not the same.

 Above is a collection of some formations along the coast. I am sure they were formed from the ocean eroding the rocks over time. Some of them were so smooth it almost looked man made. You could use some of them to dock a boat. It is amazing to see how nature can form such interesting features of rocks.

 Speaking of natures way of forming rocks, check out the above photo. What do you see? 

 What I see is a face on the rock in the centre. Now if you let your imagination run wild and look below the head you will see a body. It almost looks sphinx like. Maybe its just me. Let me know what you see. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.