Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quidi Vidi Village at the end of the Trail.

Here is a shot of Quidi Vidi Village at the end or beginning of Sugarloaf Path on the East Coast Trail. It is a beautiful view to see this at the end of the trail. Quidi Vidi Village was an old fishing village. There still is some fishing done from here, but not so much any more since the Moratorium.

 I am from Newfoundland, but when I go through Quidi Vidi Village I feel like I have entered another world. A world that once existed for most Newfoundlanders, throughout Newfoundland's history.

The harbour is to the left in the photo. They call this "The Gut".

 There is a huge house in the top left of the photo. It overlooks the opening of the harbour into the ocean. This is a popular place for newly weds to take photos.

Just on the right of the photo you will see a large green building. This The Quidi Vidi Brewing company.

There is something interesting about this village you cannot see in this photo. Just below the cliff are some small houses or sheds with docks. The only way to get to these sheds is by boat. Each one is a different colour. They are unique and beautiful. I may do a post on these in the future.

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Here is a shot of the main part of Quidi Vidi Village. At the very end of the trail there is a bridge over the waterway in the harbour. This is to the far right in the photo.  Just below is what you would see looking out over the bridge toward the harbour.

To the left you will see some of the small houses you can reach by boat. This is a great place to end your day on the trail. In the future I may post some photos of the unique characteristics of this village. Until the next post, enjoy!