Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mystical Pathways on the Sugarloaf Path

 Along the Surgarloaf path on the East Coast Trail, you will encounter many different features and variations of the paths themselves. What I love most about the paths are the colours of greens and browns. It gives you a feeling of peace and serenity. 

 Check out the above photo. It could be scorching hot or windy but in here the trees shelter you from that. All you hear are the trees blowing in the wind, the ocean and the sound of wildlife. 

 The path continues on like this for some time. You have to pay attention you do not trip from a root. I love the smells and air along this area. It is cool and refreshing.

You will also see many paths running through bushy areas. These are usually in open areas along the trail. Many of those bushes will have tasty blueberries in August and September.


You will discover many rocky areas along the path, so you should watch your step. The path can go from a dark shaded area, to breaks in the trees allowing the light to gleam on the path. It allows for a beautiful contrast in colours. 

This trail has been developed and maintained by volunteers. You will see different steps and walkways along the trail. It can't be easy walking all the way in here with tools and gear to make a set of steps or a walkway.  Those volunteers deserve a big pat on the back.

 Here is another set of steps I walked down. They do add to the beauty of the trail. It is welcoming after navigating rocks and roots. 

 The above photos are another good example of the colours and lighting along the trail. Another welcoming set of stairs in a well lit area. The brown colour on the ground is from the decaying needles from the trees. It does make the ground softer to walk on.

 Sometimes there will not be any stairs, but just a sort of rail built into the path to keep it level. 

 In the above photo you will see a beautiful set of trees. I wrote an earlier post about this. This was a nice surprise. The path leads into a dark shaded area. The trees themselves did not seem like they belonged there. Unfortunately they are a set of dying trees. 

Just past the old trees you will come to a set of stairs that leads upwards for what seems like miles. 

  Near the top you will come across some nice walkways. This is welcoming after the long climb up the steps. 

After the walkways I thought I was near the end. Once out into the open I saw a long set of stairs heading up the mountain. The photo does not do it justice. In person it looks more daunting.

 Once you get to the top of the stairs it leads to a couple of pathways into the open. This leads down to some rocky pathways. Watch your step here, as they are sandy, making it easy to slip. If you look ahead you might notice a shape in the rocks. If you don't notice anything check out a post I wrote about this.

 The Sugarloaf trail has paths that are shaded, colourful and peaceful. There are moments when you feel like your in another  world  when you walk the paths. Hopefully you will too, if you have not already done so.